Back To Basics #B2B -Water


Hey loves!

Well to kick off with the coils, l am starting a series called the Back to Basics #B2B where l will share the underlying issues with our hair and what basic remedies we have to incorporate in our regime.

African mufushwa ‘hair’ can be a nightmare in this dry hot summer seasons; hence water is GOLDEN. To have your curls pop, eradicate dryness, to stop that itchy scalp, look no further and grab some water. Growing up, water was my enemy for my hair but when l embraced my natural texture l have since loved H20. Water is one of the cheapest yet effective product to revitalize and add moisture to my hair/curls.

As many of us know that water is vital for our bodies and the recommended daily intake is 2liters, the same applies to our hair. Our hair needs water but not 2litres of course lols, so l find it difficult to decipher how we can drink water but not spritz our with water “food for thought”. Water makes up 12% -15% of the hair. Our hair is built of hair follicles  that require water to thrive and moisturizes our hair shaft/structure..

Water is the key component in all hair products that aid to giving our hair the moisture it needs. I will just list a few the benefits of water for our hair

Gives moisture and lustre

• Combats dryness which prevents breakage

• Protects the ends of the hair

•Easier detangling “that’s a bonus”

Well with every good side there’s always the bad side, in relation to lack of water/ moisture will result in the following  drawbacks:

• Dry, brittle hair and split ends

• Slow growth rate* yess hun Slow*

• Quicker product build’-up resulting in clogged hair pores

• Loss in lustre

• Rapid breakage in hair

Above is a summrised list of the setbacks but my job is to empower and to educate us all, so no worries. I will assist with some of my fixes.

As for my daily spritz  l make my own homemade spritz: 500ml water, 2 tbsp olive oil/ coconut oil and 1-2tbsp aloe vera juice(optional) when im om the go l will sometimes just use my off-the-shelf Organics Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner.

So there you have it my good people, always live by that staple ingredient for our hair.. Look out for my next post where l talk about  B2B moisture.

****Let me know what are your uses for water in your hair care regime or if you don’t use water, what is your basic staple?… Do share below****

With Love♡♡


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