Bloglovin’: How to start your blog

Its 2019 and you still haven’t started or launched your blog, or rather you have a blog but no traffic? Hmm l think l can help you out! l have been blogging for a year (l started last year in March) and l decided why not share my experiences and what l have learnt. This post is for everyone within the blogging space or thinking of starting a blog. So here are my tips on how to start your very own blog.

Starting Out

I often get the question: How do you start a blog? My cliche answer is “just start” but firstly you need to know why do you want to start a blog? Is it to document a personal journey? Influence other people’s lives or just to get freebies from brands and get exclusive invitations *wink wink* . Well if you’re in it for freebies, you shall be disappointed, its not a green card for every blogger is that sphere. What’s important is to create content that you absolutely love and enjoy writing about. Something that you strongly believe in and want to share with others.

Find Your Niche

Nowadays everyone is a blogger so you need to produce content that you’re comfortable to write about and freely express yourself. There’s no point blogging about cooking, when you don’t enjoy cooking. Your content will suffer if you are not passionate about it and eventually you will even forget why you started the blog in the first place. You need to have a genuine interest about what you are blogging about, that way people will be drawn more to you. For instance, l am a lifestyle blogger but my Hair experiences take the trophy. Yes l do to share a bit of lifestyle bits but Haiirrr is the core part of my blogging. Once you have found your “that factor” my next tip is to Research.

Research and desire to learn

You definitely need to do your homework on what it is you’re writing about. The more you write, your audience will grow and people will definitely start to trust you. Being in the blogging game, you have to desire to learn so that you have more content to produce, if you sit back and relax your blog will not grow. Your results will reflect, that amount of work you put into your blog. As a side-note, just proof read your work before you post, grammatical errors can be a turn off to people so ensure that you have your grammar and spellings on fleek.

Consistency and stay authentic

This point might sound as a broken record but consistency is key. Create a schedule on when you would want to post and how often. I remember a few months back where l didn’t write for over 1 month, my blogged suffered because there was no traffic at all. Eventually when l got into a routine, there was more engagement. When you write just be you and maintain your style. Just do you boo!


When you have your content ready you need to know which sites you will use. There are free hosting sites like WordPress (what l am currently using), Blogger and Wix which are really good and have amazing themes for any type of blogger. Presentation is key, so make it count “ambiance darling”. If you have extra cash you can find web hosting providers at an affordable price to host your site that way you can have your own domain name and you’re good to go. I know there are few companies that offer free web-hosting (with some limitations) like Free Web Hosting Zimbabwe so you can take a look at them.

Befriend Social Media and Engage with your followers

Make noise about your blog on all social media platforms, that way you create awareness. Silence will not grow your blog. Use these platforms to reach more and as your audience is growing make sure you engage with them as well. It’s a two-way street hunnay..

There you have it, l truly hope this post was helpful! Do let me know if you have any further questions below and to all my Newbie’s show some love and leave your URL so that we can follow you



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#TLT- Friends like these

Don’t walk behind me, l may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, l may not follow. Just walk besides me and be my friend – Albert Camus

Just recovering from a cold, the tip of my fingers are numb from the cold weather but still racing through the streets to meet up with my friend. Just as l am huffing and puffing, l pull out my phone to read a message, l will be 20mins late. Late Again!  Yes we all have busy schedules and days but hey “time askana”! From a distant l spotted honey bee and her sweet voice utters haa friend I’m soo soooorrrrrryyyyy, then she grabs my arm promising to be on time the next time.  You relate to these friends or maybe you are that kind of a friend *winks*. There’s a level of annoyance that l felt but the love l share with my friend overlooks their late arrival. Patience amongst friends can be seemingly difficult but somehow things do work out.

I am a planner by nature, for example – l plan my clothes for the entire week, having looked at the weather, l do take pride in planning.  On the other hand, dearest friend – is go with the flow type of girl, enjoy every moment, impulsive buyer and l wonder at times how she functions. I grew up in a fast- paced family so essentially being slow ehem not so much on the table. Having her as part of my life, has helped me to be less militant and flexible. With regards to time management, we are both working on that 🙂

Just looking upon my life, l have realised you can never walk alone. You just need Pinky Girl just to bring out the smile in you,  Loe Love the  pusher just to challenge and push you to the limits and praying Mandy to encourage you on days you have gone through the most. People enter and leave our lives but you have to discern which people will truly build and mould you as a person and vice versa. As a woman in her twenties, l have  career and relationship values and this principle applies to friends as well. It’s vitally important to build solid friendships that yield fruit in the long-run. The older you get, some friends lose the sweet taste they had in your mouth, so you let go of them to allow for new friends who have the same mantra you have. The younger we are its more so of the quantity of mates but with age and wisdom its mostly about the quality of friends. We do encounter check-up friends, those people who possibly want to know where you are in life, to measure their lives against yours ** Keep your circle real and true!

As we paddle through life to better ourselves in our lives, here’s to friendships with inside jokes, to folks who appreciate our crazy sides, to friendships that are intentional, electric and stir up the right energy. Here’s to friendship filled with true honesty, arguments and makeups, concern and relentless love.  Friendships that are infused with sincere tears, true support and a helping hand in time of need.  Lastly to friends who have a huge appetite and love to eat, food is good after all.. Cheers to all friendships!


With Love



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Tuesday Lunch Talks – Stop Trying To Please Everyone

I have realized that if you just try to make the film you want, you will find the right audience. If you try to please everyone, you’re going to make really boring films. – Drew Goddard

Well a few days ago l was chatting to a  friend of mine, during the conversation a comment came out, “in this life you can’t please everyone”! Those words really stuck on me. Boy, oh boy, it’s a full time job trying to please everyone because everyone is uniquely built and have their own expectations. Think, about it, even 200 years of living is still short why spend it sulking rather life should be enjoyed. One of the most interesting things about humans, is that we want to be accepted by everyone or to fit in, simply put just to belong somewhere. Even the pictures we post on our social media platforms, “yes ama selfies”, its a desire to just get so many likes, but mannn some people will just look at your picture and click on that dislike button and you wonder “excuse me, hello there, what kind of behaviour is that? it took a while to get that pose, you know lols” Yes that’s us people. The real problem is trying to please EVERYONE *shaking my head*

At times, l find it difficult to say no like most people do but saying no to some people is absolutely a bold step. As a person you have your own audience (big or small),  people who will generally enjoy your company, your personality and who will make time for you. Everything and everyone under the sun has its own audience, meaning not everyone can relate to everything that is happening.. 

Please tell me, who plays for All Blacks (by the way that’s a New Zealand rugby team). Well honestly l really don’t want to know. As much as rugby is cherished by many, it has its own audience, oh boy, oh boy that certainly does not include me. By the way, this is me expressing myself. I absolutely, don’t have a problem with rugby but it doesn’t really give me the thrills. l am not a fan of series as well but there’s an audience for people who watch series and i’m like give me some youtube videos and you have me hooked but that’s me. 

In trying to get everyone to like you, you lose your values, you waste resources, invest in so much time, energy and effort. In some cases you lose yourself. As crazy as it may sound, some people will just not like you, no matter what you do, so stop trying to please them. Yes we all need validation but not everyone has to validate you. l remember back in primary, where everyone, wanted to become the cool child or chill with the cools kids you had to be extra…Honestly that same perception still dwells in us even as adults.

My question to you, everything you do,do you do it for yourself or you trying to please everyone. Please who and what matters, not everyone and everything. Just be authentic, love recklessly,have lots of fun, focus on your dreams, mind your own business and above all else be the best version of yourself. 

With Love



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Tuesday Lunch Talks – All for Winning

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?’ – Brian Tracy

Well it’s a Tuesday and what not better way to download some of my thoughts! Since this is our Tuesday talks segment, grab yourself something to munch on and let’s get reading.  As we know our lives are influenced by many factors and l would say PEOPLE are probably at the top of that list. We all have people in our lives that have different personalities but lately l have met up with people l would label the ‘All Winning’ type of people. Honestly, in my world l never thought l would come by people like that but viola l had my experiences. Currently the world we live in, as individuals we tend to be selfish with our time, we are busy building careers, studying, pushing paper (money) lols, families roles, etc . Well a question, has anyone ever done something for you and you wonder, oh from where? or given you brilliant ideas and you say, Geez thank you! those have been my encounters. The best part about these people, they go the extra mile *smiles* So you probably wondering, what, where or who are these (AW) people.. Well here’s just a brief outline of my personal view of the Winners’s creed people:

  • Support you in the weirdest of ways (Literally got your back)
  • They will make time to provide you with all the help 
  • They truly love as in genuinely love to see to prosper and progress
  • Amazing zeal for life
  • Better conversationalists
  • They make no excuses – (Do you know of people who just make unnecessary excuses and you wonder, how??)
  • Oh did l say they are successful as well

People with an All Winners attitude just seem to have their lives on check. They are such a rare breed of people to come across but when you just meet them, cling onto them (like a little cub to their mother) and learn from them. What l have realized support and help are inevitable and they can be found in most unexpected people or places. Recalling my university days, we had people  that were so generous to help and the kind of people who seem just to have all the information but not keen to help, well in the realms of real life such selfishness will not get you anywhere. Life is not centered around how will l benefit but also about service. I am still a work in progress like many of you so lets hope to develop such an attitude. Remember you are a victim of your own vibration so don’t make excuses but just celebrate other’s around you and Stay Winning!


** As always share your thoughts below on an All Winning attitude**

Happy Winning

With Love


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10 Tips To Stay Motivated This Year

Life is too short and remember, do all you can with the time that you have! We are still in the first quarter of the year and we need the same energy to push through till December. 

10 Tips to help you this year:

1.Invest in Yourself

Life begins with you. Many times as people, we are swamped by our daily routines, working for someone from 9-5pm, but do you take time to work on thyself. Do you set attainable goals for yourself? Do you reflect daily on how much time you have spent advancing yourself. Ladies and gents lets not be in the habit of building other people when you remain stagnant. If you haven’t started just start. Whether you start on a french class *hint hint me*, daily read a book, advance your studies, gym etc… Just invest in YOU.

2. Stick to Your Plan

Don’t be the kind of person, who is captured by everything because this earth has alot to offer. Live by your plan, the moment you have wandering eyes you will lose sight of what it is you want to accomplish. Fix your eyes on your plan!

3. Don’t waste time

At times you find yourself in a place where you can’t grow, you stay in an unhealthy work environment, so how will you push for motivation. Time waits for no man. Don’t be quick to shift but be smart about your moves. Just don’t stay in a place that limits you.

4. Be relevant now

We all make plans for the future, which is not a bad idea but you have to bear in mind you’re currently living in the now. Make sure you’re not sabotaging your present by focusing too much on the future. Let your star shine NOW..

5. Do Everything in Love

Work done in love is worthy of praise. When you look back at your work you will totally appreciate what you would have accomplished. Make sure everything you do, you do it in love.

6. Surround yourself with Like-minded people (Networking)

Let’s be honest, 365 days are no joke and at times you just need that support. l think networking with people is a great way to stay on track and be aware of your environment. Attending seminars and meeting up with people who have similar ideas and goals will give you that push for this year and as a result inspire you…. Don’t isolate yourself!

7. Stir-up your Desire

As individuals we all do what we really want to do… You’re the only person who knows what you have lined up for 2018, so don’t be lazy and keep yourself on track…

8. Wake up with purpose

Lately, l have been reading Intentional Living by John Maxwell (Book review post coming soon) and he says for life to be worth living be intentional about every move you make. However, this applies to this year, don’t be passive but be intentional about 2018…

9. Mentorship

Before l discuss this one, l will make a post on Mentorship such an important issue but rarely spoken about. However, when you have someone who has walked the path and you’re accountable to, they will guide you. On days where you feel lost they are there to assist you on your path.

10. Eat and Exercise Well

Probably you’re wondering how this made it on the list but on the reals we know the countless benefits of eating well and exercising. Staying motivated is not only a mind thing but also physical thing.. On days when l do eat well and exercise my body just feels so much alive and you have peace of mind.. Ask any gym or fitness junkie, when you look bomb you feel bomb!

So these are my top tips to stay motivated this year!!

** If you have more tips, feel free to share below**

With Love♡♡





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