Don’t Delay Your Blessing

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slow to fulfil his promises as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

Have you ever being in a season were you are believing for a blessing from God, you have prayed,  fasted, are serving, commit to mountain prayer walks and still no change. The word does say, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be opened etc but the blessing is still being withheld. Does this sound familiar? Being a child of God in such pressing times can seemingly be difficult to remain steadfast in his word and take heed to God’s precepts. With a long waiting period where nothing seems to be moving, you can easily tend to feel inadequate even to ask our Heavenly Father for anything from him. However, have you ever considered the condition of your heart (hmmm)?  As the word indicated, “But God is patient toward you” so essentially God loves us(You and l) so much to wait for us to reach a place of repentance. l have come to the realisation that sometimes it’s more of the heart and allowing yourself to let go of a place, the past, things, people or a person, that way God can work through us. Repentance means a change of heart and mind that brings us closer to God. When you have so much clutter in your life, you tend to go on about your business, to a larger extent you miss the mark but when you declutter the baggage or mess there’s so much freedom and awakening of your true self.

There’s a scripture that l was taught in my teens that says ‘Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked'(Galatians 6:7). Although in the public eye you are serving, praying, fasting but if the condition of your heart is not pleasing before God, undoubtedly your blessing will delay#selfsabotage. At times when there’s a delay in a blessing, people tend to sought to other means to get answers but not knowing the answer lies in walking away from a certain habit, addiction, person or people. It’s never easy to walk away  within our own power but we have the Holy Spirit to guide us through it all. I recall a time in my life where things just seemed dead but l took time to myself and had a change of heart, truly things started to fall into place. The beauty when God blesses you, he just doesn’t bless you but he literally pours the blessings into your life!

Though we meet with affliction, we must go on in our obedience. Yes, we have faced missed opportunities but we must stay grounded in the word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to be centered in our decisions. God blesses us in good and in difficult times but the condition of our hearts also matter to him. Stay Blessed and be encouraged!

With Love



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I Leave YOU Peace

John 16:33 ESV l have told you this things so that in me you will have Peace, in this world you will have troubles but l have Overcome…

Believe it or not, when l read this scripture l was surprised. Did Jesus just say that, like where those his last words to say “l leave you Peace”. So my question would then be, why would Jesus instruct us to have Peace, why not Joy, Love, Money, Patience so much to choose from but he chose PEACE.

What is Peace? Well l would say its to avoid strive, free from friction or commotion, just to be calm. My understanding was exceptionally correct but what did Jesus mean? He came so that we may have an abundant life and now he leaves us PEACE. So the true meaning of peace is to be sound/ to be complete / a wholeness of life. Wow! Jesus wants us to live a life of wholeness. Generally Peace is a difficult thing to attain because we are faced with so many trials but the word of God clearly insists us to live lives that are complete or full of Peace. If we look at the life of Jesus he lived a remarkably peaceful life, you wouldn’t find him at the 411 “gossip corner”  but when Jesus arrived at a place he would say Peace be upon you.

Lack of peace in our lives will result in worry or confusion. As people, we are constantly troubled by issues of life but Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to Peace. Some of the trials or illnesses we face daily would be as a result of not being at ease. Lets be honest when you are at peace, there’s clarity, there’s a level of calmness. This draws me into the the parable when Jesus calmed the water. The disciples were troubled but when Jesus instructed “Peace, Be still, he took charge of the situation and stood in authority. So essentially the moment you embrace peace ‘YOU TAKE CHARGE OF THE SITUATION AND YOU ARE IN AUTHORITY”.

Jesus left us Peace so we ought to partake of this blessing. May we live each day bearing in mind that peace is what we carry. Imagine just living in a household that is so peaceful, working in an peaceful environment, peaceful nations etc, we would be able to show love without fault and be happy!! Remember to cultivate an attitude and a language of PEACE. The subject of peace has really challenged me, hope you are all encouraged.

So my question to you, why do we struggle to attain peace in our livelihoods?

** As we grow in the word of God, do let me know below how we can live lives full of Peace and what factors cause us to fall out of Peace in our lives**


With Love♡♡



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Why am l left behind???

lt feels like my life is not moving, l am not at peace with myself, l can barely survive, what will tomorrow hold, will l get a promotion, l am repeating this course, oh gosh l don’t have savings yet, what am l doing in this life, l don’t see much growth in my career, relationships, l am failing to attend church because l don’t have bus fare, oh how did she/he get employed when l graduated a few years back,my business is not growing, WHY AM l LEFT BEHIND, when life is happening! Do you relate to those thoughts? As humans we are constantly on the battlefield with ourselves when life seems to flow smoothly for other people,(our peers,relatives, parents, friends) when our plans do not work according. Being in a dry season is a horrible and difficult place to be in especially when you’re trying to build your life, hence one easily swift into depression/frustration/anxiety etc.

I remember a time in my life when job-hunting just seemed to be a never-ending cycle. Day and night, l am constantly sending emails, l got advice to physically drop off CV’s at the firms premises (*it shows that you are literally serious*), l registered with employment agencies but l got to a place where l threw in the towel. When l fell asleep my mind would race, so what can l do, how will l do it, l got to a place of l am running out of time’and things are not improving, WHY AM I LEFT BEHIND. We live in a world where people occasionally post their lives on social media and you can easily get consumed by that lifestyle but always remember Who you Are and honor your path. Comparison is your greatest enemy in life because every individual has a certain calling and purpose for their life.

Lamentations 2:21 lt is good for a man to bear yoke while he is young

Yes some problems just seem never-ending but whilst you are still young encounter many difficulties in life that will surely make you stronger. As a person you need to discover and know yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and a positive environment, that way you can shift your mind from a negative place. Everything in life is seasonal, so you have to quickly discern which season of your life you are in. l am reminded of King David, he used to encourage himself in the Lord. Some problems in life require us to truly have a One on One with God, your parents, church mates, relatives might not understand but YOU have to encourage yourself to pursue the life you want.

**Let me know what are your thoughts on comparisons and how we can help each other**

With Love




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Keep Going

Hebrews 10:23 ESV Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering because he who promised is faithful.

In our lives we sought to God with requests and we continually declare and confess his word but at times we lose hope and sight due to blows of life. But the word of God encourages us to HOLD FAST to the confession of our hope because trying times are coming, come what may. It’s always easy to have hope when life seems to be sailing and you are in constant fellowship with God, but once challenges come our way, hope is deferred.

What is to Hold fast the confession?

Well in simple terms, to firmly believe in the words you declare, e.g praying for healing, having a crusade, starting up a business, building an orphanage etc. When you believe and confess in your confession you will work towards it and guaranteed the results will show up.  Yes circumstances around you might be against you and confessing that word will ultimately seem impossible but child of God, do not waver. I will attest to this, in 2016 l was employed and gave my first fruit securing my job, and l was like well job security is secured because l have given my portion to God. Towards the end of 2016 l left the job because the environment  was not conjuicive. Leaving my job didn’t bother me because l was so certain that 2017 a better job will absolutely be at my doorstep because l did secure that job after all, *first fruit*

Well fast forward, the entire year of 2017, l was unemployed, yes no income whatsoever. I attended interviews but boy oh boy nothing fruitful would come out. I would apply but some days l would be reluctant but then l would push myself but still no income. Well in my opinion it didn’t make sense to me, l do have the qualifications but it seems like there’s no way out. Truth be told it felt like life was stagnant, (felt like Job) everyone around me but me was flourishing but l would always remember and hold fast to my confession. I finally landed a job in February 2018 and l can honestly say God is faithful to perform but it requires you as an individual to Hold fast to YOUR confession without wavering. So my question to you is what are you confessing?

Life will present lemons before us but Saint Paul writes 2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV But he said unto me “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore l will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that the power of Christ will rest upon me”, God’s grace will locate us in any situation jus be aware of what you confess. It’s not easy to hold your head up high, when it seems like you are living a life of sinking sand but Keep Going!

Stay encouraged and be blessed!

With Love ♡♡


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