FroFeature: Meet Mitchy

Hey Natties

On today’s post we have yet another lovely and gorgeous naturalist sista. I hope you enjoy her incredible tips and all that she has to share.

1.Hie Mitchy, please introduce yourself?

I am a free-spirited natural hair enthusiast.

2. Why are you natural and how’s been the journey?

I was natural growing up but then I had decided to relax my hair. My hair started breaking and thinning, mostly because I didn’t take care of it really. I decided to go back to being natural again so I transitioned in 2013. I would keep my hair in braids/weaves for the most part though and I really didn’t have a regimen until last year (2017).

The recent journey has been very interesting, I have learnt how to wash my own hair so I hardly ever go to the Salon for wash day. One thing to note though, natural hair can be expensive so avoid trying out every “fast hair grower tip”; just find what works for your hair and stick to that.

3. What’s your hair regime and staple hair products?

Wash day routine

  • Detangling: I use DL Beautiful Beginnings Ouchless Detangler. A knot literally disappears when you spray the detangler, and it smells like bubblegum.
  • Pre-poo: I apply a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil/olive oil to my hair and cover it with a plastic cap for 45 mins or so.
  • Shampoo: I am currently using Smooth Hydration shampoo. I put my hair in 4 braids when washing to make it easier to deal with.
  • Conditioner: I use whichever store-bought conditioner I can get my hands on (I used Aunt Jackie’s in control recently). I am yet to try a DIY one.
  • LOC Process:
    • Leave in conditioner – Afrobotanics
    • Oil: Avocado oil
    • Cream: Afrobotanics Twist, Curl & Define

Daily routine:

  • I spray (every other day) Ndanaka hair mist or actual water and seal with an oil.

4. Do you have any hair struggles?

  • I would love to have more volume.
  • Shrinkage used to be a struggle but I have learnt to embrace it.
  • I can only braid my hair, so I miss out on DIY styles that involve twisting and all that.

5. Do you believe in protective styling?

I do, especially in winter my hair is usually braided.

Curls with a bang





6. What’s your go to protective style?

Braids and a bun.

7. Are you concerned with hair typing or texture discrimination?

  • Knowing your hair type is important because it will help you when it comes to product and style selection.
  • Loose big voluminous curled hair tends to be shown more love than kinkier curl types with less curl definition. Texture discrimination is just another way of making women compare themselves and feel insecure because of their appearance. I believe that every hair type should be embraced and loved.

8.You have amazing hair, any tips to someone growing their hair?

Thank you. Health is more important than length. Find a regimen that works and just stick to it.

So that’s a wrap on today’s post!

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FroFeature : Meet Fadzai Muvingi

Hey lovies

Just to spice us things on the blog, l have introduced a FroFeature where l have different ladies share about their hair journey to encourage us and to learn from them. I have asked Fadzai Muvingi to be my first feature lady and here is what she had to share about her journey and other extras! Happy reading…


1. Hie Fadzie, please introduce yourself to my readers?

Hey Tarie, I am a Zimbabwean marketing student currently Malaysian bound and I have been natural for as long as I can remember. Well l love books, good food and good rom com… yes so cliche but hey that’s me haha and reading informative blogs (this one is one of my favorite one).

2. Why are you natural and how’s been the journey?

In all honesty l came to it much before there was any rush about “going natural”
My mother was very much against chemicals and as I grew I felt no need to change it since my hair was manageable as it was and I always loved that Tina Turner look from from “what’s love got to do with it” haha!

3. What’s your hair regime and staple hair products?

You won’t believe it Tari but it’s very simple, I think consistency is key.
I wash my hair twice a week with a gentle shampoo and deep condition it, that cholesterol works miracles. l am certain I would be lost without it. Finally I use a combination of hair oils and I used to use a lot of natural henna before I bleached it and I was happy with my hair texture(still am). I trim my ends too, yikes !scissors! Am I right? But it’s so worth it and cholesterol is what does it for me.

4. Do you have any hair struggles?

Don’t I ever! This is especially after my decision to bleach my hair. I have to keep it well moisturized and sometimes it can get knotted easily so l keep it in cornrows as I sleep. Noone likes the shrinkage especially in hot and humid weather which is a downside for where I am currently staying.





5. Do you believe rocking your natural hair is a movement or trend?

Can I say Both.I don’t quite know which began as a trend or a movement but I do know we having more and more women of colour being confident to rock their fro and it’s an amazing feeling to be part of such a confidence boosting movement. Thanks to artists such as Adichie in her book Americano and Solange Knowles “don’t touch my hair” this movement is growing to make a global impact.

Just to add on, there are stores that now cater for our hair type and so much information on upkeep of African hair that was never  popular before, so we are now armed with these people that are creating a trend for going natural.

6. Are you concerned with hair typing or texture discrimination?

I recall being told my hair was like a sponge and all sorts with strangers and being compared to the Simpsons cartoon characters, at this point it did bother me. I think time has changed my perspective however, once I saw how proudly other women wear their natural hair the shame left. In my opinion going natural is a movement(or trend) open for all to experience and no-one should be discriminated for their hair texture. I believe if u are busying yourself with creating criteria’s for who belongs and who doesn’t then your focus is already wrong, after all its about you and embracing _your _ natural beauty.

7. What motivated you to bleach your hair?

You could call it satisfying curiosity, you could also say I was complementing my colorful personality and you would be right on both accounts.

8. You have amazing hair, any tips to someone growing their hair?

First off thank you. Stay moisturized and don’t hold back on that conditioner. Happy healthy hair grows!

So there you have it ladies, hope you enjoyed this FroFeature thanks to Fadzie..

With Love♡♡


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