Do we Hair Shame??

Well it’s no news that most people are turning natural which l am absolutely thrilled about but your girl here is slowly learning that rocking a fro for some people is no big deal. How you choose to rock your hair it’s a choice.

I often get a lot of questions if l will ever relax my hair, to which l politely say no no. To some people, that might sound rude but its a hair choice that we all make. I have been guilty of hair shaming where l feel like, aah girl just join team natties, stop with the chemicals and the response l get is “Never” or someone just decides to relax their hair after having a fro for sometime.. Hair shaming comes in different forms from texture, natural vs relaxed or even how a twist-out turned out.

l am coming to terms with that natural hair isn’t for everybody. By that l mean not everybody likes to rock their hair in a fro. And that’s perfectly ok. Rocking natural hair is a choice and not all of us have to be natural. Just because it’s deep for me that doesn’t mean it’s deep for someone else. Why I went natural is totally different from someone else’s reasons. For some people, it might really be a movement or trend they might want to have a feel of and see how it goes. A few months later they might just realise that hmmm this ain’t working. Then boom they can relax their hair, life goes on.

At the end of the day we shouldn’t impose our expectations but rather embrace, educate and celebrate one another. However, the society feels about haircare those expectations should not be imposed on naturals nor shouldn’t we do it to other people either. It’s her choice, it’s her crown it’s her hair. That’s what we should be fighting for rather than having this pre-prescribed idea that everyone should be natural (though it would be nice lol). If I want to wear my natural hair in the workplace, at school or in the streets, there shouldn’t be an opposition to it and there shouldn’t be an expectation of me to relax my hair. If I don’t, the same rules should apply. Let’s be mindful of all hair textures, not compare but rather celebrate and learn from each other.

l hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comment section what your thoughts are on hair shaming or if you have been hair shamed?



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