What’s Your Hair Density Sis???

I recently learnt about hair density and then l was like l need to share this info with my people too *smiles* Density is a not a commonly used word in the natural hair community but to a certain extent, it’s low-key used. Ever seen your Insta hair faves with voluminous hair or ever heard someone say, ”You have thick hair or you have sparse hair”? well technically they’re alluding to density because density refers to the number of hair strands on your head *light bulb moment*. Hair density gives you more information about the strength and health of your hair and how to take care of it, so let’s dive more into what density is all about!

Hair density attributes to various factors such as hair texture, porosity and width. Knowing your hair density also helps with knowing what hairstyles to rock as well as which products to apply to your hair. There are various ways on how to test hair density, well that’s a topic for another day. Hair density is categorized between, low (sparse hair) , medium and high density hair (thick hair). With low-density hair, it is best to use lightweight products to avoid weighing down your hair which can lead to more shedding. Persistent shedding leads to a lower density which can lead to thinning or even balding.

Applying the wrong product on low-density hair will cause the hair to look dull and greasy and that’s not lekker. People with medium density are those who don’t have low density but not quite high. We could say they have “combination hair” in terms of density. The best products to use for this density type is to use leave-ins which do wonders for the hair as it helps to retain moisture. Lastly, with highly dense hair, thicker products are best to use as the hair strands truly benefit.

When you become aware of your hair density you become responsible on how to take care of your hair. Although hair density and hair thickness are not the same, they act upon each another. This then means, the thickness of hair is usually dependent on the density of your hair and vice versa. It’s important to know and to learn about this as you care for your hair, since density is a major key when it comes to hair health and overall hair styling.

For example, my hair is medium density and l have low porous hair which means that I have to find a good balance between my products and I also need to use the correct washing products that penetrate my hair. As previously mentioned, if you have low hair density, you should use lighter products because your hair can’t handle heavier products. Your hair can’t handle high heat tools either.

Remember, when you know better, you do better. Knowing about your hair density will make or break you because your hair density determines what products and tools you use for your hair. That’s a wrap on today’s post, l hope this was helpful. For my next post, l will explain the dense test..

Let me know in the comment section below on your thoughts of hair density..

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The Chop

Well it’s no news that rocking the chop is sooo trendy in 2019 and numerous women are reverting to rocking natural hair *thumbs up ladies*. So the question is, how exactly would you like to start your healthy hair journey with a fade or twa(teeny wenny afro)? So I have decided to compile a few ideas that can help my ladies out there on how to rock the chop or rather how stylish you can make it look. In my opinion pulling off the chop is bravery on another level but hey we can totally make it work.

The Classic Fade
The Fade
The Mini Fro
The Fro Side Part
The Side Part with a Pop of Color
The Frohawk
The Tapered Cut
The Tapered Cut with a Fade

That’s a wrap on today’s post, l hope the ideas will assist someone. Some of these looks are super bomb, will probably try one of them but not anytime soon lols. Let me know in the comment section below which one is your favourite style or look.

*Note: All the above images used are not my own*



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