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Sometimes we just have to keep things simple to achieve great results. Breaking the bank will not solve the solution but knowing how to take care of your crown is worthwhile. As many of you are aware, I’m rocking afro kinky twists so by all means l am being extra and taking extra care of the crown. Well l am 4 weeks in with my protective style and you know you have gained some growth when you can see the root of your hair from the twist. I am absolutely proud of this progress, well after all we protective style to gain some  growth. Plus my twists still look neat and presentable (pat on the back).

Today l am sharing with you briefly the products l am using to keep my twists fresh and aid growth. So l have my daily spirtz and my growth oil, it’s rather difficult to use a hair butter with my installation.

Product 1: Fenugreek Spritz (Daily)

I use this DIY Fenugreek spritz to moisturise my hair and twists every morning and some nights. Now that we are in summer keeping the hair moisturised is super important to prevent hair and scalp dryness.

So why Fenugreek? Fenugreek seeds have numerous hair benefits. Well the one benefit that stood out for me was how it helps to minimise hair shredding. One of my hair goals is to reduce hair shredding as this will assist me in retaining more length, you feel me!!!

Product 2: DIY Hair Growth Oil

This hair growth oil is what l have been using to lock in moisture or as well as massaging my scalp.. l just added rosemary and lavender essential oils to the native child castor (a natural hair brand) to give the castor oil an extra boost. I normally apply the oil twice or three times a week..


As a sidenote, at night-time l use a satin scarf to wrap up my twists to avoid tension… Please don’t use old stockings or cotton fabric as they cause friction especial on the hairline…

So that’s wrap for today’s post, fingers crossed my products won’t let me down lols…Remember sometimes it’s best to keep things simple!

**Let me know in the comment section below of any other DIY spritz l could try and any other budget friendly products you’re using **



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