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Hello Beautiful people

This week is another Feature post, where the lovely Rue shares her bit of how she’s caring for her hair. Her story is absolutely relateable and l hope you enjoy this post..

1. Welcome, please introduce yourself?

Hie my name is Rumbidzai Bonzo. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I am a mom , my baby girl is 5 years old. At age 20,  I got a chance to go and study in Thailand at Assumption University. That’s where my natural hair journey began.

2. How’s been your natural hair journey?

In 2012 October,  I began my freshman year at ABAC in Thailand. I had no idea when I left home that finding products for my hair would be expensive and difficult. Therefore,  my hair started experiencing some deficiencies due to lack of proper care. All I knew was to relax my hair and tying it in a pony tail after straightening it with a flat iron. My hair was damaged. The weaves ,  the braiding didn’t help it either. My hair was brittle and I was not happy with it.  It couldn’t blend in with the weaves and being surrounded by people with great hair (Indians,  Thai’s , Russians,  Americans) I realized there was something that I need to do. I was losing the little confidence that I possessed because of the way my hair looked. In my head,  I wanted it to look like Sanaa Lathan or Nia Long or Gab Union but hehe it was the complete opposite. I felt uncomfortable and embarassed of my hair. Then I met Pricilla a fellow Zim girl who had gone natural. She had a twist out and her hair looked gorgeous. I fell in love with it and she introduced me to youtube. I started watching videos of ladies maintaining their natural curly hair and just fell deeply in love with the beauty of curly hair. I love how full it is and how it just says who I am when l’m amongst people of different races. Clearly I couldn‘t beat them at having straight long hair,  I couldn’t even compete with them but I could only make myself stand out by being the original me.

3. How do you moisturise your hair?

I wash(deep condition) my hair with conditioner (dark and lovely au naturale knot-out conditioner). My gosh it’s now $34 ma OK 😯!

While still damp , I take a small portion at a time,  apply A little bit of dark and lovely au naturale afro moisturizing butter and curl la la defining curl custard the seal in the moisture with blue magic. As my hair dry up I keep a spray bottle nearby with water mixed with coconut oil. When I have gel I apply it and seal in with my leave-in conditioner. After my application, I comb it with a wide- tooth comb and then I use woolen thread to stretch it, portion by portion kuita ma oi –oi then leave it to dry. After its dry and stretched, I can rub coconut oil in my palms and then separate my hair and then use bobby pins to style it ndotobuda hangu. Alternatively, I take my spray bottle with water and coconut oil, spray it on my stretched hair,  use a wide tooth comb then plait twists for twist-outs. This is also what I can call my hair regime and the ones I mentioned above are my staple hair products.

4. Do you any hair struggles?

Just that I don’t trust anyone to fix my hair for me,  so im stuck with braids and wigs always. I did a tappered cut in march last year which I loved during the first days but regretted doing it after I realized that I was being forced to big chop my hair again and start afresh. Those were painful moments but I have no complaints anymore..   This time around ,  its as if I put fertilizer on my hair. Its been a year now but comparing it to last time growth rate Ka apa raita fast cuz now a year’s growth is almost the same as last time’s 3 year growth


5. Do you believe in the term that natural hair is untidy?

Nah it ain‘t.  It’s really sad to know that it’s most people of our race who think our hair is untidy.  It is the state of our mentality. We rate beauty by who’s standards?  God didn’t make a mistake giving us this hair.  It’ s beautiful and eversince I stopped relaxing my hair I haven’t felt the urge to perm it. I wash my hair regularly and I keep it moisturised. I style it and I feel very beautiful wearing my hair out.

6. Do you find it difficult to rock natural hair in public?

Okay first months being natural were kinda difficult. The hair looked awkward on me and whenever I did the twist outs or bantu knot outs ,  mine didn’t really look like the ones on the youtube videos.  So being in public was kinda hard until the hair was longer. I also  took time to know my hair and once l understood it all became easy. I also realised that I looked more beautiful with my natural hair and I got more confidence. I got compliments from most people around me,  they started noticing me. I was even told by a Thai guy that I looked soooo beautiful.  I even went to Malaysia from Thailand ndine mabhanzi and I got smiles from so many white people umwe akatonditevera 😂 .  I have no problem at all rocking my hair in public.

7. You have amazing hair, any tips for all natties?

The greatest tip of all is that water is essential for the growth of our hair. We need to wash our hair regularly,  ( I wash mine weekly ) ,  and I spray some water on it whenever I’m plaiting it. I know there is a myth  yekuti natural hair haigezwe rinodzokera! Haiboo manyepo. It’s called shrinkage, as soon as u stretch it you will see that it didn’t go anywhere.

After you wash your hair,  I’d encourage you not to leave it to dry rakadaro. When my hair is still wet,  I divide it into manageable portions. Apply my products,  comb it then use wool thread to stretch it,  then leave it to dry. I do not blow dry my hair or use any form of heat on my hair. When I use thread to stretch it, I just leave them to dry on their own. I make sure that every portion of hair is sufficiently moisturised that is why I divide the hair in smaller portion for easy manipulation of the hair and also to get great results

  • Don’t depend on the hairstylist to know all about your hair, tell them what your hair likes or doesn’t like. F.Y.I when it comes to natural afro hair,  majority have no idea how to deal with it.
  • Invest in your hair. Learn to braid it yourself. Buy products that will nourish your hair. The reason why people think afro hair is untidy is because we do not moisturise it and oil it rinenge richitoita kunge mop isingawachwe lols.
  • I don’t use expensive products, I use what works for my hair
  • Love your hair, be confident and be patient with it.


Last few words: Rocking natural hair in public isn’t a sign of hurombe lols,  it’s simply embracing how God created us. How I wish that our natural hair will be appreciated everywhere to be seen as professional too not just funky. It is us with the curly coils that view ourselves in another light more than anyone else in the world. As long as u take care of your hair,  it will grow. You will be surprised how much length you can retain with your natural hair. Don’t pull your hair too tight when plaiting..


**Let me know of what you think of her hair journey and show Rue some love**





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My Daily Hair Spritz and Growth oil #ProtectiveStyle

Hey Beautiful People

Sometimes we just have to keep things simple to achieve great results. Breaking the bank will not solve the solution but knowing how to take care of your crown is worthwhile. As many of you are aware, I’m rocking afro kinky twists so by all means l am being extra and taking extra care of the crown. Well l am 4 weeks in with my protective style and you know you have gained some growth when you can see the root of your hair from the twist. I am absolutely proud of this progress, well after all we protective style to gain some  growth. Plus my twists still look neat and presentable (pat on the back).

Today l am sharing with you briefly the products l am using to keep my twists fresh and aid growth. So l have my daily spirtz and my growth oil, it’s rather difficult to use a hair butter with my installation.

Product 1: Fenugreek Spritz (Daily)

I use this DIY Fenugreek spritz to moisturise my hair and twists every morning and some nights. Now that we are in summer keeping the hair moisturised is super important to prevent hair and scalp dryness.

So why Fenugreek? Fenugreek seeds have numerous hair benefits. Well the one benefit that stood out for me was how it helps to minimise hair shredding. One of my hair goals is to reduce hair shredding as this will assist me in retaining more length, you feel me!!!

Product 2: DIY Hair Growth Oil

This hair growth oil is what l have been using to lock in moisture or as well as massaging my scalp.. l just added rosemary and lavender essential oils to the native child castor (a natural hair brand) to give the castor oil an extra boost. I normally apply the oil twice or three times a week..


As a sidenote, at night-time l use a satin scarf to wrap up my twists to avoid tension… Please don’t use old stockings or cotton fabric as they cause friction especial on the hairline…

So that’s wrap for today’s post, fingers crossed my products won’t let me down lols…Remember sometimes it’s best to keep things simple!

**Let me know in the comment section below of any other DIY spritz l could try and any other budget friendly products you’re using **



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