In My Feelings about My Protective Style

Hey beautiful people

So it’s been a week since l joined team protective styling with extensions after 8 months dealing with my coily hair. Just a mini definition, protective styling with extensions is when you are protecting your natural hair with hair fibre… At first l never thought I would live with my hair for that long but your girl made it happen. Deciding on which protective style to rock was a challenge because initially l had my eyes fixed on Faux locs but l then later settled for medium twists with a bob like kinda feel. I wanted a style where l would allow my scalp to breathe as well.

The medium twists were installed at a local salon in town through a referral. Honestly, l was just so sceptical about visiting a salon since it had been a while, roughly over 5 years so l was not too sure what to expect. Hair salons are never my thing; hairdressers are not yet quite knowledgeable about natural hair care, they just handle the hair however and salons are just so congested especially on weekends. Anyone who has the same sentiments?

Prior to the hairdo l did a light protein (not too sure what a light protein is, please read my previous post) deep condition and strectched out my hair with chunky twists. As with most hairdressers, l showed her a picture of what l wanted but yah neh style took another turn altogether lols. To achieve this look l used 2 packs of Afro Kinky braid in the color number 1 – black. Each packet cost $11.50. My salon experience was quite interesting l had countless encounters where people would ask me when l will relax my hair and at the back of my mind l was like “never”. Apa the pain l had watching the ladies chemicalising their hair.. Spending time in the salon made me realise how most hairdressers are not aware of how to handle natural hair. The entire process took about 5 hours and l was plaited by two ladies. l was thrilled about this because l was not planning on spending my entire Saturday in a hair salon.

After having the style for a week, twists still feel light weight and l am starting to feel the look. Since l had been out of the game with  protective styling with extension l must say it’s somewhat  pricey so l applaud my ladies who rock these styles month after month because l won’t keep up lols. Nonetheless I must admit, I’m enjoying staying out of my hair and how low maintenance the style is. However, I’m making sure to maintain my scalp and my hair underneath by spritzing and massaging with my hair oil as I am trying to retain more length and have less breakage. I’m hoping to achieve more thickness after my takedown as well..

My plan is to keep in the twists for about 4-6 weeks and during that duration will wash my hair twice to prevent any scalp dryness or product build-up. Well will l set foot in a hair salon again well not too sure haha..

**Please leave a comment below on how you feel about getting your hair done at the salon and what protective style with extension are you rocking**

With Love


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  1. That’s really cool Tari, looking good as usual. I generally don’t do hair extensions or fibre, etc. as a rule. I just want to show peeps that “hey, we can do OUR own hair ALL DAY, EVERYDAY and look good too”. Having sai that, it doesn’t stop the ladies in town from asking “Tokuruka here askana?” 😂😂 everyday sha everyday.
    In any case I have been toying with the idea of doing a mabhanzi style using Brazilian wool. Thing about me though is I’m hella DIY. I try to do everything myself cause I’m not too keen going to a salon. I also like to keep my costs down. I prefer to invest in products that’ll last me months (even Years) as opposed to going to a salon where I’ll pay what I consider a pretty penny for a style I may only keep for a few weeks (I’m very capricious… I will undo that hair after 2 weeks lol). I also have my reservations cause the style just might not come out the way I’d want…it’s happened a couple of times so, yeah. Pari tricky.
    If you know anyone who can plait mabhanzi with Brazilian wool at a reasonable price (max $10-$15) holla at your girl.

    1. I l😍ve your hair…..I am a fro-grower too but the response i get from hair dressers demotivate sometimes.”Vhudzi rako rakaomarara 🙄” ,”Rakawandisa” like i have a choice . That Afro Kinky is perfect and will need your hair dresser soon. I am using coconut oil and Dax hair moisturiser, the results are amazing .

      1. Awww thank you Kudzie… That’s the issue with most hairdressers they actually complain about ethnic hair before they start plaiting you, so l suggest you prep your own hair before you go visit your hairdresser that way it’s easier… Definitely, l will leave the details of hairdresser..

    2. Hahahahahaha “toruka here”, well that has happened to a number of us… l absolutely love your approach on how you just want to protective style with your own hair which is totally ideal…

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