FroFeature: Meet Tafadzwa

Hey Natties

So on this week we are celebrating another naturalista sister who is sharing her natural hair tips and what her journey has been like… Hope you enjoy her experience, get inspired and learn from her bumpy road lols!

1.Hie Tafadzwa, please introduce yourself?

Hie l am Tafadzwa  and l have  been on my natural hair Journey for 5 years now.

2. Why are you natural and how’s been the journey?

Its actually funny how l grew to love my natural hair. If you had asked me when l was in high-school if l would ever go natural l would have said a strong NO lol but that’s because l found it extremely difficult to even manage my hair when it was in its kinky glory. My mum even tried to make me go natural a few times but failed. So how it began is when l went to Study my business degree in Malaysia. I found it difficult to find saloons that could relax my hair or even braid it properly as the people there have little experience in dealing with african hair. The one african hair saloon in my area was so expensive because they new they where in demand. I decided if l couldn’t find someone to help me relax my hair l was going to do it myself. Big mistake! I had no experience in doing my own hair so surprise surprise it started falling out, my hairline became non-existent and the hair started thinning out. So l decided to just stop using all these chemicals and just leave my hair alone. This is when it really started growing. I started watching a lot of youtube videos on how to manage my type 4C hair. That’s when l fell in love with my natural hair. I could do so much with it even a failed twist out could still look good. 5 years in and l have never looked back.

3. What’s your hair regime and staple hair product’s?

I actually don’t put a lot of complicated products my hair. Whilst binge watching natural hair videos, the one common thing these online beauty gurus kept telling me was that your hair is a living thing. This means u need to feed it for it to grow, you need to water it the same way you would water a plant. I have a spray bottle that l use to spray a little water on my hair every other day and this helps to keep in moisture so it doesn’t become dry and break off. I also try to use products that have natural and organic ingredients so that my hair stays as thick and healthy as possible. Products like raw shea butter, 100% aloe vera gel(straight from the plant), coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil. Part of being on your natural hair journey involves being a product junkie. Trying to find the right curling creams that make your curls really pop or the right gels that actually lay my edges. I have tried to tone it down a bit when l found that l was buying a whole bunch of products that l wasn’t even using.

4. Do you have any hair struggles?

The one struggle l think everyone of my natural sisters faces, is the amount of time it takes to fix your hair! It takes so much time to do even the simplest of styles for me that l have to wake up extra early to get ready for work. But the effort is very much worth it.

5. What do you use to moisturise your hair with?

Usually just a DIY aloe vera spritz. This is just a mixture of the aloe gel and water. I ended up growing an aloe vera plant in my garden when l discovered all its benefits. It does wonders to hair, skin, nails you name it.

6. What’s are your go to protective styles?

What isn’t lool, l have tried most of the styles out there. With a lot of disastrous results lol but l have come to love the twist out and wash and go the most. Simply because they are easier for me and even a failed attempt can still be rescued.

7. What are your thoughts of rocking natural hair in the workplace environment?

I am very much for rocking natural hair in the workplace. Any kind of natural hair. A lot of people used to see straight silky hair as the beauty standard but in recent years there have been lots of people coming out to express their love for curly kinky hair. Infact l remember a time l was laughed at when l was 13 for going to school in my short natural hair. But now more and more people are finding beauty in being natural.

8. You have amazing hair, any tips to someone starting out on their natural hair journey?

Thanks so much. The most important tip that helped me grow my hair to the length it is now is to hydrate hydrate hydrate! Water is very important for hair growth.

There you have you ladies, hope her journey has helpful to us all…. No natural hair journey is smooth sailing but the more time you spend with your hair the better you become at it!

With Love♡♡


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