Turning My Flop Style Into A Simple Casual Style

Hey Natties

As promised, this is just a short post based on how l then decided to rock my hair when my bantu knots failed to cooperate with me lol. Just a bit of FYI, l am becoming Madam flat-twists, since l realised l can’t cornrow. Flat-twists are much easier to learn and l am still learning them. When l style my hair l am more drawn to styles that look stylish and do not put too much tension on my edges. The beauty about this style is either you can rock it in a low puff, high puff or leave your hair to freely flow like yours truly. So here’s how l styled my hair  based on my previous post Failed Bantu Knot  (I promise, this style will take you less than 10 minutes)!


The key to quick hairstyles is starting with dry hair. This style also works on old dry hair – twistout, braidout, a fro, you name it, it doesn’t matter! If your scalp is dry, just apply an oil to refresh your scalp. If your hair is dry, spruce it up with some moisture – either shea-butter, a leave-in conditioner or water with a sealing oil.


Take a comb of your choice or if you like me just DIY with your fingers. Create a part going down the middle of your scalp to the mid- section of your head and then make a part from ear to ear about one inch from your hairline. You should end up with four parts.

Flat twist down on one side of your part until you reach the front of your head, then continue with the twist along the section on the front of your hairline. Continue with your flat twists all the way down. Repeat the same process for the other side. If you’re feeling fancy, you can accessorize by adding hair clips/beads. Lastly you can just fluff out your hair with a wide tooth comb or make a high puff. Done!


The next day and still rocking the style

**Your thoughts on this style? If you have any questions about the style, let me know in the comment section**

With Love


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