Failed Bantu-Knot

Hey Natties

Truth be told, Bantu knots are hands down my favorite way to style my hair. It gives good definition, a great volume, a nice rounded shape (which l absolutely love) and l don’t use too many products and still achieve the look. As for twist outs l love them on other people and l end there lols. Well honestly, I often don’t like the shape it gives to my hair and the lack of volume they give. And though braid outs tend to give me great volume, they also lose their shape really quickly and become a fro by the next day. With that being said, this past weekend l decided to revert to my all time favourite style – bantu knots. I honestly have never had a challenge with getting my curls popping but boy, oh boy this time it was a hot-mess lols. So lets dive into the process of how to do the bantu-knots.

  1. On dry hair, I sprayed water and added my moisturising olive oil all over my hair
  2. Then l sectioned my hair, the process is pretty simple – just do a two-strand twist and make a knot “viola”
  3. I made about 14 bantu knots around my head and allowed my hair to dry overnight
  4. The next morning, I used my castor oil mix to unravel my twist which helps to minimize frizz during the takedown. (Some knots were still damp but your girl kept untwisting)
The end-result

When doing bantu knots on dry hair, it’s important to use products that are moisturizing and to have a good twisting technique to achieve the moveable curls we all desire. I am still to try my bantu-knot with a curling cream cause l haven’t done it before so yeah! So below l jotted down where l possibly went wrong with my knot out.


  •  Taking down my knot whilst still damp, well my hair has grown longer so the air-drying process is definitely longer. With any protective style, allow your hair to fully dry (preferably a full day, depending on the dense and length of your hair) for much longer lasting defined curls
  • There’s a huge possibility that my twists were too big (well you never know), so next time, l should try to reduce the size.

Well natties we all have bad hair days, but l managed to make the most with what l had. I just rocked my wavy/curls trying to pop look and for more volume l just used a wide-tooth comb. For my next post l write about how l then created a simple casual look with my wavy hair. Don’t let your hair determine your mood, at first l was face down but then l realised, girl just make this hair work and so l did.

That’s me, trying to figure out how to style my hair!


So that’s a wrap on today’s post, hope you enjoyed my bantu-knot experience and learnt something!

**Ever had a failed bantu-knot, what was the reason? Also list what’s your favourite way to style your hair in the comment section below**

With Love


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    1. Thanks Mitchy for sharing,now we know, number 1 rule “take down the style when it’s fully dry”! Do give the braid-out, another try and give us feedback!

  1. I love bantu knots, but my natural hair’s texture is very thin. So all I can do is admire people’s….lol. but all the same I still keep my hair natural and love tying headbands😆

  2. Hey hey. Lol, in my books, bantu knots never fail.. i love the volume and texture of your hair. and im one to always do twist outs. il try the bantus next time I undo mu hair. thanx for the tips 😁

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