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So on this post l will dwell on the issue about Essential oils. Since l started my journey of using oils in my hair l have been a fan. Essential oils are those oils that contain all the good stuff for our hair and they come from the most potent part of the plant they are extracted from. These oils tend to evaporate hence essential oils are diluted with Carrier oils.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and are also used in aromatherapy. As a side-note, l recently got some exotic essential oils ( myrrh, frankincense and nard) from Israel which are known to be great for the hair so l will do a review about those oils at a later stage. These oils are not spoken much about but really do the most for our hair. Now back to business, below is a list of oils that are relatively affordable and still do wonders.

Peppermint oil – this oil does amazing things for our hair. It has a minty smell which l absolutely love and it’s a great cleansing and purifying oil. Peppermint oil has great minerals like potassium, calcium, omega 3, vitamin A, C which aid to our hair growth. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help fight dandruff and relieve dry scalp.

Tea-tree oil – similar to peppermint oil, it’s a cleansing and purifying oil that comes from tea-tree leaves. It’s great for stimulating hair growth and encourages blood circulation in the scalp.

Lavender oil – this oil stimulates hair growth and helps to prevent hair loss. It helps to balance the natural sebum in your scalp.

Rosemary oil– This oil has a minty smell to it helps to control sebum production, good for oily scalp and dandruff. It can help in preventing any pre-mature graying. It’s a good oil because it increases cellular metabolism therefore stimulating hair growth and promotes blood flow to the scalp.

Eucalyptus oil – this oil gives shine, promotes thickness and improves the overall health of hair. It promotes blood vessels constriction and cleansing of the scalp.

Lemon oil – it has this clean smell and it’s really good for scalp infections or scalp irritations especially from pulling of protective styling.

Ylang ylang oil – this oil is absolutely great if you have thin hair and trying to thicken your strands. It helps to minimise hair loss and helps to balance the natural sebum for the hair .

Jasmine – this a sweet oil derived from the flower Jasmine and it helps to prevent hair breakage. It easily penetrates through the hair shaft and has amazing moisturizing benefits. It also fights a dry itchy scalp and it softens the hair.

Chamomile oil – this is an oil that helps to soothe and hydrate an irritated scalp. It helps to reduce a dry scalp and is an excellent anti-flammatory for scars and an irritated scalp. If you have coloured hair it helps to restore your natural hair colour without bleaching or dying your hair.

Oils are definitely good for the hair as you absolutely know what you are putting into your hair. By using oils you are able to formulate your own personalized hair routine. At times we use products not knowing or understanding the ingredients on the labels but with oils you do. If you haven’t started incorporating oils in your hair regime, l encourage you to do so. Please note, always mix your essential oil with a carrier oil.


**As always comment below if you are a fan of essential oils or if you know of other essential oils that can be of help**











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  1. I love love LOVE essential oils. Recently discovered a wide variety of essential oils at KenLink Pharmacy by Groombridge Spar (for those in Harare)


    1. Hey dear, locally not too sure but l will be on the look-out for you… In SA dischem sells it at an affordable price. Hope that helps!

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