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Well l get a lot of questions on how natural oils work for the hair and their benefits. Let’s be honest knowing which oils work well can be a daunting experience  so l have compiled a list of few oils that are good and worthwhile to use on our hair journey. Just to bring to light, we have two main oil categories namely carrier and essentials but on today’s post l will focus on a few carrier oils to include in your hair regime.

Carrier oils

Carrier oil is a vegetable oil, derived from the fatty part of a plant, usually from the seeds of a kernel.We can also use them in food preparation. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils to prevent irritations that can arise from applying directly to the skin. They contain fatty acids that help to nourish the hair.It’s always advisable to use/choose oils based on the porosity of your hair to achieve best results. Not sure on what hair porosity is, you can have a look at my previous post on porosity!

Avocado oil :  is packed with biotin (strengthening agent), vitamin A (for maintaining healthy cell membranes) ,E, anti-oxidants,  also used in detanglers as it provides slip to your hair. This oil has high penetrative power so it will not sit on your hair.

Grapeseed oil : helps to lock in moisture, adds moisture to dry brittle hair and as well as prevent frizzy hair. This oil helps to minimise hair breakage and shedding because its contains anti-oxidants which help to discourage hair loss. It helps to rebuild damaged hair.

Alma oil : this product is mostly used in products that promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. It stimulates hair follicles and it cleanses the scalp to prevent build-up and drandruff.

Marula oil : this oil is found in our own country and has amazing benefits for the hair. This oil has high levels of antioxidants including vitamin C and oleic acid which can help to stimulate hair growth and make hair thicker, longer and stronger.

Castor Oil : this oil promotes hair thickness, can be used on the scalp to prevent hair loss. Its rich in an fatty acid called Retain which helps in scalp circulation. It is also an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil which can help in any scalp related problems or dandruff.

Coconut oil : this is one of the oils that helps to reduce protein loss in the hair. Its high penetrative and can provide your hair with minerals and vitamins. A good moisturiser.

Mafura butter : this is a nutrient-rich oil which helps to restore hair vitality, revive dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Hemp seed oil : this will work well if you have high porosity hair. This oil is made up of 25% protein. The high protein content in hemp seed oil, helps to strengthen hair, rebuild damaged hair and prevent breakage.

Jojoba oil : this oil controls hair loss and encourages to produce new hair follicles. Its a lightweight oil and prevents frizziness.

Olive oil : is an emollient and one of the best oils to penetrate the hair. Its packed with mineral oils, vitamins and if you use heat on your hair, it’s a good base. It improves your hair’s elasticity and adds shine. (One of my favourite oils)

Sunflower oil : has a rich in oleic which has omega 9, (fyi, omega 9 is the best fatty acid for hair growth). It also has vitamin A, E, C, B potassium and all that good stuff (Must try)

Sweet Almond oil : its a lightweight moisture plus it aids SOFTNESS in the hair. This oil in rich in vitamin A,E and when used regularly, it helps to control hair loss.

Baobab oil : This is a less spoken about oil but has amazing benefits to the hair. It helps to regenerate the hair, reverse any type of  hair damage, packed with vitamins and promoting healthy hair.

Monoi oil : l have seen this oil but l would be like oooh its looks fancy but l didn’t know it has heavy properties gurrrl.. I would say it’s a high end oil to coconut oil because they essential do the same thing. It’s a light weight oil, less greasy and high in vitamins..


**So there you it have it ladies, a list of useful oils to incorporate into your natural hair routine.. Do let me know below what’s your favourite carrier oil below and share any other carrier oils you know of!**


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  1. Hey Tari
    Thanks. This is super helpful. I would love to know where I can get some of these oils. Would it be possible if you could maybe compile a list of suppliers and prices?
    Maybe even collaborate with some suppliers to advertise for them here…

  2. Thanks Tari for this insight on oils… Because some of the oils we just use them but without the knowledge of what good or use they are to our hair…. 🌸

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