A Day At Mutorashanga Green Pool

So who knew there was a place called Mutorashanga just outside Harare. Not me! Well this past long weekend l had to make time to travel to the mysterious and not so famous Mutorashanga Green Pool.. Mutorashanga Green pool is definitely a place to escape the hustles of everyday life and just enjoy breath-taking moments. I’m pretty sure most of my readers might not be familiar with the place Mutorashanga.

In a ferrochrome mining town just 98kms outside Harare is a  place called Mutorashanga. The name derives from the shona language – Mutora – to carry, shanga – maize stalks. The population is mostly made up of mineworkers and lastly within the town is an amazing getaway chill spot.

After travelling for about 98kms, seeing beautiful views, we arrived in the town.  We had to ask for directions from the locals since there are no markings or signs to the Green pool. Upon arriving at the scenery, my first expression was “oh wow” there’s a place like this in my country “yeah” and it’s free awesome!! The parking area is fairly limited but safe, so no worries. Since it was a long weekend we met few other people but still enjoyed the vibe. Our initial point of activity was taking pictures, well who wouldn’t want to capture every moment.

What my eyes noticed was that most people enjoyed the cliff diving, the braai, dip your feet in the pool(for some of us) lols and a bit of the walk in caves but rarely approaching where the real magic is the GREEN POOL. To be honest, l thought the inner pool was out of bounce because no-one was going there.  So we did it again, asked the locals.. We were told yes you can go there, through the cave but you need one of the locals to take you there. We managed to find ourselves a friendly young man, we walked through the cave, walked at the edges of the cliff, maaaan my feet went through the most but l made it.  Just to take you back, when walking in the caves, please use a torch, so make sure to carry a torch or use the one on your phone! Honestly, l arrived alive at the pool but that walk was nerve-wracking, if you have any form of phobia l suggest you ignore going to the inner parts of the pool and enjoy my pics lols but if you’re like me and like things, well go for it at your own risk lols


Inside the cave


A sneak peak from the cave

Your girl made it to the green pool, that Mama l made it feel, let me enjoy this!. The pool is segmented into two parts and they just look so different and cool. The water is algae-free and gives that green feel because of the high mineral content. The rocks in the water are extremely slippery, apa unotofamba in style or else unodonha… Our way back to the entry point was much faster but still nerve-wracking but l conquered.

Well, just remember it’s a public venue, bear in mind to carry simple clothing, comfortable shoes, camera, food, drinks, sun-screen if you may and all extra’s you need then you good! There are no nearby shops…Overall this was a spectacular day, spectacular views and definitely a place l recommend to visit in Zimbabwe.


**So there you have it beautiful people, let me know below if you have been to the Mutorashanga pool before and what was your experience, if not, comment if you would want to visit this beauty!!**


With Love♡♡





  1. Nice place to be. I grew up there. Used to host triathlon back in the days. Back in the days it used to be fully packed with whites. Now blacks too are frequenting the place. A positive.

  2. Thank you so much , would love to visit this place . Do you have any contacts for the area especially on accommodation which is close to the pool .

    1. You definitely should visit it. With regards to accommodation, unfortunately there are no nearby housing facilities. The place is located is an open space so its more of a day trip. Hope this helps…

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