#TLT- Friends like these

Don’t walk behind me, l may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, l may not follow. Just walk besides me and be my friend – Albert Camus

Just recovering from a cold, the tip of my fingers are numb from the cold weather but still racing through the streets to meet up with my friend. Just as l am huffing and puffing, l pull out my phone to read a message, l will be 20mins late. Late Again!  Yes we all have busy schedules and days but hey “time askana”! From a distant l spotted honey bee and her sweet voice utters haa friend I’m soo soooorrrrrryyyyy, then she grabs my arm promising to be on time the next time.  You relate to these friends or maybe you are that kind of a friend *winks*. There’s a level of annoyance that l felt but the love l share with my friend overlooks their late arrival. Patience amongst friends can be seemingly difficult but somehow things do work out.

I am a planner by nature, for example – l plan my clothes for the entire week, having looked at the weather, l do take pride in planning.  On the other hand, dearest friend – is go with the flow type of girl, enjoy every moment, impulsive buyer and l wonder at times how she functions. I grew up in a fast- paced family so essentially being slow ehem not so much on the table. Having her as part of my life, has helped me to be less militant and flexible. With regards to time management, we are both working on that 🙂

Just looking upon my life, l have realised you can never walk alone. You just need Pinky Girl just to bring out the smile in you,  Loe Love the  pusher just to challenge and push you to the limits and praying Mandy to encourage you on days you have gone through the most. People enter and leave our lives but you have to discern which people will truly build and mould you as a person and vice versa. As a woman in her twenties, l have  career and relationship values and this principle applies to friends as well. It’s vitally important to build solid friendships that yield fruit in the long-run. The older you get, some friends lose the sweet taste they had in your mouth, so you let go of them to allow for new friends who have the same mantra you have. The younger we are its more so of the quantity of mates but with age and wisdom its mostly about the quality of friends. We do encounter check-up friends, those people who possibly want to know where you are in life, to measure their lives against yours ** Keep your circle real and true!

As we paddle through life to better ourselves in our lives, here’s to friendships with inside jokes, to folks who appreciate our crazy sides, to friendships that are intentional, electric and stir up the right energy. Here’s to friendship filled with true honesty, arguments and makeups, concern and relentless love.  Friendships that are infused with sincere tears, true support and a helping hand in time of need.  Lastly to friends who have a huge appetite and love to eat, food is good after all.. Cheers to all friendships!


With Love



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