Tuesday Lunch Talks – Stop Trying To Please Everyone

I have realized that if you just try to make the film you want, you will find the right audience. If you try to please everyone, you’re going to make really boring films. – Drew Goddard

Well a few days ago l was chatting to a  friend of mine, during the conversation a comment came out, “in this life you can’t please everyone”! Those words really stuck on me. Boy, oh boy, it’s a full time job trying to please everyone because everyone is uniquely built and have their own expectations. Think, about it, even 200 years of living is still short why spend it sulking rather life should be enjoyed. One of the most interesting things about humans, is that we want to be accepted by everyone or to fit in, simply put just to belong somewhere. Even the pictures we post on our social media platforms, “yes ama selfies”, its a desire to just get so many likes, but mannn some people will just look at your picture and click on that dislike button and you wonder “excuse me, hello there, what kind of behaviour is that? it took a while to get that pose, you know lols” Yes that’s us people. The real problem is trying to please EVERYONE *shaking my head*

At times, l find it difficult to say no like most people do but saying no to some people is absolutely a bold step. As a person you have your own audience (big or small),  people who will generally enjoy your company, your personality and who will make time for you. Everything and everyone under the sun has its own audience, meaning not everyone can relate to everything that is happening.. 

Please tell me, who plays for All Blacks (by the way that’s a New Zealand rugby team). Well honestly l really don’t want to know. As much as rugby is cherished by many, it has its own audience, oh boy, oh boy that certainly does not include me. By the way, this is me expressing myself. I absolutely, don’t have a problem with rugby but it doesn’t really give me the thrills. l am not a fan of series as well but there’s an audience for people who watch series and i’m like give me some youtube videos and you have me hooked but that’s me. 

In trying to get everyone to like you, you lose your values, you waste resources, invest in so much time, energy and effort. In some cases you lose yourself. As crazy as it may sound, some people will just not like you, no matter what you do, so stop trying to please them. Yes we all need validation but not everyone has to validate you. l remember back in primary, where everyone, wanted to become the cool child or chill with the cools kids you had to be extra…Honestly that same perception still dwells in us even as adults.

My question to you, everything you do,do you do it for yourself or you trying to please everyone. Please who and what matters, not everyone and everything. Just be authentic, love recklessly,have lots of fun, focus on your dreams, mind your own business and above all else be the best version of yourself. 

With Love



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  1. Absolutely!!! I love this….you may as well be yourself- everyone else is taken.And in being yourself- the right people are attracted to you.. Thank you for this:)

  2. A timely reminder! We get caught up in impression management and people pleasing that we forget to be true to ourselves! Great piece Tari x

  3. You are so right, i just believe that be the best version of yourself not the version to please the people… go out there and do YOU the best way YOU know how and the best way YOU want to do it… thank you.

  4. So true! Its easy to forget at times and fall into the trap of tryn to be everything for everyone. Thanks for the reminder that just being you is enough.

  5. Its about me and what makes me happy as long l’m doing the right thing . I can’t always please people. Wow thanks tari. xo!

  6. Wow this is soooo true girl… Esp on the values part…. Once you find yourself trying to please everyone…Its about that time you revise your values…. You really got me revising some stuff there 🌸

  7. What do you have against the All Blacks, you must like them now lols… nice piece thank you. A lesson that will stand the test of time for all generations to learn….

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