Tuesday Lunch Talks – All for Winning

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?’ – Brian Tracy

Well it’s a Tuesday and what not better way to download some of my thoughts! Since this is our Tuesday talks segment, grab yourself something to munch on and let’s get reading.  As we know our lives are influenced by many factors and l would say PEOPLE are probably at the top of that list. We all have people in our lives that have different personalities but lately l have met up with people l would label the ‘All Winning’ type of people. Honestly, in my world l never thought l would come by people like that but viola l had my experiences. Currently the world we live in, as individuals we tend to be selfish with our time, we are busy building careers, studying, pushing paper (money) lols, families roles, etc . Well a question, has anyone ever done something for you and you wonder, oh from where? or given you brilliant ideas and you say, Geez thank you! those have been my encounters. The best part about these people, they go the extra mile *smiles* So you probably wondering, what, where or who are these (AW) people.. Well here’s just a brief outline of my personal view of the Winners’s creed people:

  • Support you in the weirdest of ways (Literally got your back)
  • They will make time to provide you with all the help 
  • They truly love as in genuinely love to see to prosper and progress
  • Amazing zeal for life
  • Better conversationalists
  • They make no excuses – (Do you know of people who just make unnecessary excuses and you wonder, how??)
  • Oh did l say they are successful as well

People with an All Winners attitude just seem to have their lives on check. They are such a rare breed of people to come across but when you just meet them, cling onto them (like a little cub to their mother) and learn from them. What l have realized support and help are inevitable and they can be found in most unexpected people or places. Recalling my university days, we had people  that were so generous to help and the kind of people who seem just to have all the information but not keen to help, well in the realms of real life such selfishness will not get you anywhere. Life is not centered around how will l benefit but also about service. I am still a work in progress like many of you so lets hope to develop such an attitude. Remember you are a victim of your own vibration so don’t make excuses but just celebrate other’s around you and Stay Winning!


** As always share your thoughts below on an All Winning attitude**

Happy Winning

With Love


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