10 Tips To Stay Motivated This Year

Life is too short and remember, do all you can with the time that you have! We are still in the first quarter of the year and we need the same energy to push through till December. 

10 Tips to help you this year:

1.Invest in Yourself

Life begins with you. Many times as people, we are swamped by our daily routines, working for someone from 9-5pm, but do you take time to work on thyself. Do you set attainable goals for yourself? Do you reflect daily on how much time you have spent advancing yourself. Ladies and gents lets not be in the habit of building other people when you remain stagnant. If you haven’t started just start. Whether you start on a french class *hint hint me*, daily read a book, advance your studies, gym etc… Just invest in YOU.

2. Stick to Your Plan

Don’t be the kind of person, who is captured by everything because this earth has alot to offer. Live by your plan, the moment you have wandering eyes you will lose sight of what it is you want to accomplish. Fix your eyes on your plan!

3. Don’t waste time

At times you find yourself in a place where you can’t grow, you stay in an unhealthy work environment, so how will you push for motivation. Time waits for no man. Don’t be quick to shift but be smart about your moves. Just don’t stay in a place that limits you.

4. Be relevant now

We all make plans for the future, which is not a bad idea but you have to bear in mind you’re currently living in the now. Make sure you’re not sabotaging your present by focusing too much on the future. Let your star shine NOW..

5. Do Everything in Love

Work done in love is worthy of praise. When you look back at your work you will totally appreciate what you would have accomplished. Make sure everything you do, you do it in love.

6. Surround yourself with Like-minded people (Networking)

Let’s be honest, 365 days are no joke and at times you just need that support. l think networking with people is a great way to stay on track and be aware of your environment. Attending seminars and meeting up with people who have similar ideas and goals will give you that push for this year and as a result inspire you…. Don’t isolate yourself!

7. Stir-up your Desire

As individuals we all do what we really want to do… You’re the only person who knows what you have lined up for 2018, so don’t be lazy and keep yourself on track…

8. Wake up with purpose

Lately, l have been reading Intentional Living by John Maxwell (Book review post coming soon) and he says for life to be worth living be intentional about every move you make. However, this applies to this year, don’t be passive but be intentional about 2018…

9. Mentorship

Before l discuss this one, l will make a post on Mentorship such an important issue but rarely spoken about. However, when you have someone who has walked the path and you’re accountable to, they will guide you. On days where you feel lost they are there to assist you on your path.

10. Eat and Exercise Well

Probably you’re wondering how this made it on the list but on the reals we know the countless benefits of eating well and exercising. Staying motivated is not only a mind thing but also physical thing.. On days when l do eat well and exercise my body just feels so much alive and you have peace of mind.. Ask any gym or fitness junkie, when you look bomb you feel bomb!

So these are my top tips to stay motivated this year!!

** If you have more tips, feel free to share below**

With Love♡♡





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