I Leave YOU Peace

John 16:33 ESV l have told you this things so that in me you will have Peace, in this world you will have troubles but l have Overcome…

Believe it or not, when l read this scripture l was surprised. Did Jesus just say that, like where those his last words to say “l leave you Peace”. So my question would then be, why would Jesus instruct us to have Peace, why not Joy, Love, Money, Patience so much to choose from but he chose PEACE.

What is Peace? Well l would say its to avoid strive, free from friction or commotion, just to be calm. My understanding was exceptionally correct but what did Jesus mean? He came so that we may have an abundant life and now he leaves us PEACE. So the true meaning of peace is to be sound/ to be complete / a wholeness of life. Wow! Jesus wants us to live a life of wholeness. Generally Peace is a difficult thing to attain because we are faced with so many trials but the word of God clearly insists us to live lives that are complete or full of Peace. If we look at the life of Jesus he lived a remarkably peaceful life, you wouldn’t find him at the 411 “gossip corner”  but when Jesus arrived at a place he would say Peace be upon you.

Lack of peace in our lives will result in worry or confusion. As people, we are constantly troubled by issues of life but Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to Peace. Some of the trials or illnesses we face daily would be as a result of not being at ease. Lets be honest when you are at peace, there’s clarity, there’s a level of calmness. This draws me into the the parable when Jesus calmed the water. The disciples were troubled but when Jesus instructed “Peace, Be still, he took charge of the situation and stood in authority. So essentially the moment you embrace peace ‘YOU TAKE CHARGE OF THE SITUATION AND YOU ARE IN AUTHORITY”.

Jesus left us Peace so we ought to partake of this blessing. May we live each day bearing in mind that peace is what we carry. Imagine just living in a household that is so peaceful, working in an peaceful environment, peaceful nations etc, we would be able to show love without fault and be happy!! Remember to cultivate an attitude and a language of PEACE. The subject of peace has really challenged me, hope you are all encouraged.

So my question to you, why do we struggle to attain peace in our livelihoods?

** As we grow in the word of God, do let me know below how we can live lives full of Peace and what factors cause us to fall out of Peace in our lives**


With Love♡♡



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