#B2B Washday- Co-Wash

Hey Natties!

I always wonder why washdays are time-consuming like the process is no joke but that’s why we are on this journey to enjoy our washdays *smiles*. I remember when l started out, l would dread my washdays because honestly l wouldn’t get the expected results but that has all changed. So let’s get theoretical..

Well there are so many ways of washing or cleansing our scalp,namely Co-washing, Shampooing, AVR rinse, Clay Masks etc and there has been alot of debate on which works better… Well l have had the privilege to have tried most of them and l will share my thoughts..

So before you decide to wash your hair, it is vitally important to start with a step called Pre-poo. l learnt this years back but when l stopped prepooing l noticed a significant amout of shredding.

What is Pre-pooing? Well from my understanding its the first step you take to prep your hair by sealing an essential oil/oil mix before you add removing any dirt… When l started out l thought it would be wise to shampoo or co-wash then seal in the oil but nope l was soo lost. What prepoo does, it opens up the the hair cuticles to allow your scalp to breath and release of the dirt so when u wash your hair its squeaky clean *yaay* l hope you now see why we have to Prepoo.. Prepooing can be as easy as applying coconut oil on your hair, wrap a plastic cap and leave it for 4hrs or overnight or just have a simple oil mix… Step 1 done…

 There are different ways people use to wash their hair but l will just discuss Co-Washing in today’s post.

Co-washing(Conditioner Washing) is pretty much washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo, the name sounds fancy but that’s Co-wash. Frequently washing your hair with shampoo will result in excessively drying out your hair and will tend to leave it frizzy. Co-washing is believed to be more gentler and to leave your hair feeling more moisturized.


* Alleviates Dandruff

*Hydrates the scalp

*Minimises knots

Lately l had stopped Co-washing because l wanted to see our my hair would cope without Co-washing and l must say there hasn’t been much change. Well l normally co-wash my hair once a month, shampoo once a month and recently l have added the clay wash which l will ramble about in another post. Girrrl Clay washes are Life! Plus l make it a point to co-wash or shampoo my hair even in a protective style..Gone are the days when l never used to wash my hair under a protective style, sooo gone!

1. Firstly l section my hair into different parts and work with one section at a time. I have found this method to be user-friendly as l give each area the same amount of attention.

2. l spritz my hair with aloe vera juice and water then l apply my first coat of conditioner to my hair with coconut oil (this helps with retention of hair and protects the strands during the washing process). Whilst I’m adding the conditioner and coconut l ensure that l’m detangling my hair. l detangle using my hand as l find my hands to be more gentler and l can easily work through my hair. When the detangling process is done with, l just plait my hair into a twist.

3. I continue with the same process until my entire head is covered with conditioner.

4. Leave the conditioner for 5-10 mins, then l wash off with warm water then final rinse with cold water to close up my hair cuticles.

5. Wash Day Done…

Below is a list of 2 Conditioners that work well with my hair ..

1. Organics

2. Tresemme Naturals with Avocado

So if you feel like your hair feels dry after shampooing how about you try Co-washing, it could do wonders to your hair..

**Let me know what your thoughts are on Co-Washing, what your experience has been like and if you Co-wash which products do you use**

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