Why am l left behind???

lt feels like my life is not moving, l am not at peace with myself, l can barely survive, what will tomorrow hold, will l get a promotion, l am repeating this course, oh gosh l don’t have savings yet, what am l doing in this life, l don’t see much growth in my career, relationships, l am failing to attend church because l don’t have bus fare, oh how did she/he get employed when l graduated a few years back,my business is not growing, WHY AM l LEFT BEHIND, when life is happening! Do you relate to those thoughts? As humans we are constantly on the battlefield with ourselves when life seems to flow smoothly for other people,(our peers,relatives, parents, friends) when our plans do not work according. Being in a dry season is a horrible and difficult place to be in especially when you’re trying to build your life, hence one easily swift into depression/frustration/anxiety etc.

I remember a time in my life when job-hunting just seemed to be a never-ending cycle. Day and night, l am constantly sending emails, l got advice to physically drop off CV’s at the firms premises (*it shows that you are literally serious*), l registered with employment agencies but l got to a place where l threw in the towel. When l fell asleep my mind would race, so what can l do, how will l do it, l got to a place of l am running out of time’and things are not improving, WHY AM I LEFT BEHIND. We live in a world where people occasionally post their lives on social media and you can easily get consumed by that lifestyle but always remember Who you Are and honor your path. Comparison is your greatest enemy in life because every individual has a certain calling and purpose for their life.

Lamentations 2:21 lt is good for a man to bear yoke while he is young

Yes some problems just seem never-ending but whilst you are still young encounter many difficulties in life that will surely make you stronger. As a person you need to discover and know yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and a positive environment, that way you can shift your mind from a negative place. Everything in life is seasonal, so you have to quickly discern which season of your life you are in. l am reminded of King David, he used to encourage himself in the Lord. Some problems in life require us to truly have a One on One with God, your parents, church mates, relatives might not understand but YOU have to encourage yourself to pursue the life you want.

**Let me know what are your thoughts on comparisons and how we can help each other**

With Love




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