Why am l left behind???

lt feels like my life is not moving, l am not at peace with myself, l can barely survive, what will tomorrow hold, will l get a promotion, l am repeating this course, oh gosh l don’t have savings yet, what am l doing in this life, l don’t see much growth in my career, relationships, l am failing to attend church because l don’t have bus fare, oh how did she/he get employed when l graduated a few years back,my business is not growing, WHY AM l LEFT BEHIND, when life is happening! Do you relate to those thoughts? As humans we are constantly on the battlefield with ourselves when life seems to flow smoothly for other people,(our peers,relatives, parents, friends) when our plans do not work according. Being in a dry season is a horrible and difficult place to be in especially when you’re trying to build your life, hence one easily swift into depression/frustration/anxiety etc.

I remember a time in my life when job-hunting just seemed to be a never-ending cycle. Day and night, l am constantly sending emails, l got advice to physically drop off CV’s at the firms premises (*it shows that you are literally serious*), l registered with employment agencies but l got to a place where l threw in the towel. When l fell asleep my mind would race, so what can l do, how will l do it, l got to a place of l am running out of time’and things are not improving, WHY AM I LEFT BEHIND. We live in a world where people occasionally post their lives on social media and you can easily get consumed by that lifestyle but always remember Who you Are and honor your path. Comparison is your greatest enemy in life because every individual has a certain calling and purpose for their life.

Lamentations 2:21 lt is good for a man to bear yoke while he is young

Yes some problems just seem never-ending but whilst you are still young encounter many difficulties in life that will surely make you stronger. As a person you need to discover and know yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and a positive environment, that way you can shift your mind from a negative place. Everything in life is seasonal, so you have to quickly discern which season of your life you are in. l am reminded of King David, he used to encourage himself in the Lord. Some problems in life require us to truly have a One on One with God, your parents, church mates, relatives might not understand but YOU have to encourage yourself to pursue the life you want.

**Let me know what are your thoughts on comparisons and how we can help each other**

With Love




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#B2B Hair Porosity

Hey loves!

So in today’s post l will gladly share my thoughts and understanding on how best we can retain moisture formerly known as Hair Porosity. In my previous post, l did a brief introduction on porosity but now we will unfold the issue.

Generally as natties we struggle with which products our hair will love, how to start a hair regime, how to combat dryness, sealing in moisture etc… Well have you ever thought that, your diet, the external environment, genetics all contribute to how your hair thrive. Remember, one hair strand is made up of layers so knowing the structure of your hair cuticle is essentially important.


What is Porosity

Hair Porosity is the ability for your hair to hold or absorb moisture – simple as that! Again a hair strand is made up of layers so..Knowing your hair’s porosity is a great deal on how best you will care for your hair – as a result you are able to know which hair products work best for you. Wouldn’t that be a life-saver just knowing what products your hair will thrive in because after all, we want our hair to grow..Below l briefly explain the three main categories of hair porosity.

High Porosity has holes and gaps in the cuticle which allows too much moisture into the hair and the moisture escapes fast. This type of hair is prone to frizziness, looks dull easily tangles in our humid African climate.


  • Women with high porosity should use leave-in conditioners, butters and creams to seal moisture and help fill gaps in the cuticle.
  • Using anti-humectants in our dry and humid is also is an advantage as this will help to retain moisture and seal damaged cuticles.
  • Ideally the LOC method would work best with porous hair.



Medium Porosity hair is what every woman would aim to achieve. This is when there’s a balance of moisture in the hair and the cuticle layer is loser. The right amount of moisture enters whilst preventing too much  moisture from escaping. Least amount of maintenance is required and hair can hold styles for long.


  • Occasional deep conditioning is required but not daily
  • Women with normal porosity just have to stick to their regime


Low Porosity this type of hair repels moisture meaning moisture fails to penetrate through the tightly cuticle. Hair is prone to build-up because the cuticles are closed up so products end up sitting on the hair.


  • Women with low porosity would need to use moisturiser’s rich in emollients e.g. shea butter, coconut oil, mineral oil etc would be a good start.
  •  Products that are liquid based are essential because they prevent heaviness on the curls and able to moisture the curls. Preferably look for products that have ingredients that list water first
  • Due to product-build, minimise protein conditioners that will leave the hair feeling stiff-like.
  • Using light-weight oils is an extreme bonus because the oils will easily penetrate through the closed up cuticles e.g. argan oil, grapeseed, olive oil
  • Using moderate heat, incorporating hot oil treatments will work with low porosity hair as this will allow the tightly bound cuticles to open and allow moisture in.


Below is a guideline, on two tests that are normally used to assist in realising where your hair porosity level falls under. 


Strand Test– take two fingers, run them through your hair, if you feel any bumps that indicates that your cuticles are open and you likely have high porosity.

∗if your fingers glide smoothly you likely have normal porosity

∗if fingers glide quickly on strand and strand feels slick you likely have low porosity

Float Test (only works on freshly washed hair no conditioners, just washed) – take different strands of hair from different areas of your head and place each strand in a glass of room temperature water. Wait for 5mins,

*if hair sinks within 3mins – High Porosity

*if hair floats – Low Porosity

*if hair stays mid-way of the glass- Normal porosity

So that’s a wrap on today’s post, l’m sure hope l have  brought some light..Remember your hair porosity level can change overtime due to different factors so just be aware of your hair changes. Knowing your hair porosity and your texture plays a crucial role in hair product selection.

**Just let me know below, the porosity of your hair and which products work well and if you tried the porosity test, was it helpful?**

With Love ♡♡





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