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Well a short background, l absolutely love make-up like trust me, hook your girl with high end good quality beauty products, l am your friend for life ∗Just saying∗. Though my love for make-up is real, what lies beneath the make-up – the true canvas, that l care about. My skin is not 100% but the goal is to work towards good glowing skin. l know we all want that radiant skin but we never want to put in the work (guilty as charged). We live busy lives “life on the go” and skincare is neglected. Trying to dedicate 15 minutes to our skin can be a toll, then we wonder why we have unannounced breakouts, dull skin and many more.There are 3 critical steps to give your skin the boost, that va-va-vroom appeal but lady there is work that needs to be done. Washing, Cleansing and Toning, but on today’s post l am looking at CLEANSING. Yes cleansing, Got it!

Cleansing has few benefits which will help your skin look fresher, healthy and more radiant. It removes build-up, encourages proper skin hydration and prevents the production of excess oil. Experts have discovered different ways to cleanse, from oil cleansing and many more. Below l have discussed a few well-known methods:

1. Oil Cleansing Method

This involves using a carrier oil e.g coconut oil and steam or a warm facecloth to properly removes impurities, all make-up traces and and oil build-up. Many women are in love with this method. I have tried it and l honestly did experience much difference plus skin feels extra soft. *thumbs up*

– Firstly boil some water, when water has boiled with enough steam, apply a teaspoon of your choice of oil into your palms and gently rub onto your face.

– Once applied, steam your face for about 5 mins and take a break.. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times (N.B. Please don’t burn your face, just be cautious not to spill any water). The steam gently opens up your pores and deeply cleanses the skin.

-Once completed, rinse your face with cold water to close your pores. Tone and moisturize as usual.

2. Exfoliation Method

This is probably the most common method of cleansing used by many women. The cleanser usually has AHA or beads to remove all impurities. Exfoliation is normally done after the washing process. If exfoliation properties are not included in the cleanser, an exfoliating brush, face cloth or face sponge are used. I recommend that, exfoliation is not done daily as this process can be harsh on the skin.

3. Double- Cleansing Method

Most women probably use this method as its simply cleaning your face twice. I personally use this method as l can thoroughly cleanse my face. It’s a two step process where l firstly remove my makeup with a carrier oil (olive or coconut oil) or facial wipes then l follow-up with washing my face with a foaming gel cleanser  or my african black soap. I ensure that my face products do not have any alcohol or sodium laurly sulphate as this can easily dry out my face.  Some people prefer to wash their face with raw honey, this also works…

4. 4-2-4 Method

Okay, well this method is new to me but l thought it would be interesting to share. It sounds complicated because of the numbers but it’s commonly used in Korea, now you understand why the numbers are there*wink*. Nonetheless, don’t let the numbers scare you because it has helped some women to live a pimple free life. So this is a 3 step process.

First apply a cleansing oil or cream and massage into your face for 4 minutes. Followed by washing your face with a cleansing foam or cream for 2 minutes and lastly rinse your face with lukewarm water and rinse with cold water for 4 mins. Voila, Hello! clean skin.

So there you have it lovely readers, an insight on cleansing. If you hadn’t started, l guess you now know what to do. Get cleansing!!

**Do share your experiences with cleansing, if you know any other methods and which method works for you**

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